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You can rent a car at Corfu airport, by choosing the best car rental according to your preferences at Vidos Cars Car Hire. But are you sure that you do know everything about Corfu International Airport? Below are some things about this airport that you may not know.

Five Things You May Not Know About Corfu Airport (CFU)


It was named after the first Governor of Greece

Corfu International Airport (CFU), otherwise known as Ioannis Kapodistrias Airport, was named after Ioannis Kapodistrias, a widely-known and distinguished diplomat and first Governor of Greece. Kapodistrias is, nowadays, a common surname on Corfu as well.


Numerous airline companies operate out of this airport

Corfu International Airport began operating in 1962. Nowadays, at least 48 airline companies operate out of Corfu International Airport. The dominant airline companies, offering domestic flights are Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines and Astra Airlines. Moreover, there are other eminent airline companies, operating at Corfu International Airport at the moment

• Easy Jet
• Ryanair
• Air Bucharest
• Air France
• Alitalia
• British Airways
• Aeroflot
• Airbaltic
• Air Berlin
• Air Canada
• Air Europe
• Egypt Air


Thousands of tourists arrive at Corfu International Airport every year

It is notable that many tourists, wishing to visit Corfu, prefer to travel by air. Since thousands of visitors spend their holidays on Corfu every year, just imagine how many foreign people arrive at Corfu International Airport, making Corfu a truly multicultural environment.


It is very easy to get from Corfu airport to town centre

Just outside the airport there is a bus station with regular routes to Corfu town centre. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to reach the town centre by bus. Moreover, for those who may miss the buses, there is the opportunity of taking a taxi or even better renting a car at Vidos Corfu Car Hire Company, that offers delivery and drop off of car rentals from the airport of Corfu absolutely for free.


Landing at Corfu International Airport offers amazing views

Last but not least, landing at Corfu International Airport would be a lifetime experience since the runway is only a few hundred meters away from dry land, where the most famous and amazing landmarks are located, such as Pontikonissi and Vlaherna Monastery. Many people visit these places in order to enjoy breathtaking views to the surrounding scenery and of course watch aircrafts that are lined up with the runway and descending for landing.

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